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Two Little Dumplings

Wakame & Yuba Dumplings (16 oz) - Vegan

Wakame & Yuba Dumplings (16 oz) - Vegan

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Wakame & Yuba Dumplings Freezer Pack (16oz)  

These vegan dumplings are packed full of earth's nutritious goodness from land and sea.

Wakame, also known as seaweed, is often used in soups and salads in Asian cuisines. It’s a deep green vegetable that is wonderfully full of vitamins and minerals. This dumpling gets an added protein boost from yuba, also known as tofu or beancurd skin, and bright green edamame. Carrots sweeten and mung bean vermicelli round out the filling. The flavor is full of umami thanks to miso paste and five spice. As an added flair, we incorporated nori flakes into the dumpling skin!

Ingredients: Flour, water, wakame, yuba, edamame, vermicelli, carrots, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, miso paste, canola oil, corn starch, mushroom soy sauce, sugar, rice wine, rice vinegar, five spice, nori, salt.  

Contains: Wheat, Soy, Sesame.


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