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Two Little Dumplings

Lunar Dumplings (16oz)

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Each pack is filled based on weight (in oz). There are about 12 dumplings in each pack. 

Lunar is filled with sumptuous shrimp, juicy pork, fresh vegetables, and all the aromatics.  We have added an element of fun to this dumpling by naturally tinting the skin using beet root.  When first wrapped and frozen, the dumplings are a deep pink.  After being steamed or pan-fried, the dumplings will turn a lighter pinkish-red.  We hope to bring celebration to your home through this culinary delight!

Ingredients: Flour, cabbage, water, shrimp, pork, celery, scallion, onion, rice wine (rice, water, salt, yeast), soy sauce (soybean, wheat, salt, water), ginger, salt, sesame oil, sugar, beet root, white pepper.

Contains: Wheat, shrimp, soy, sesame.