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Dragon Dance Chili Oil (6oz)

Dragon Dance Chili Oil (6oz)

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Dragon Dance Chili Oil (6 oz)

The delightful dance of fragrance and flavors in our spicy chili oil makes a perfect complement to dumplings, proteins, vegetables, noodles, rice, and more.  Try it mixed in with our original sauce for a sweet, salty, and spicy dip.  Customize the level of heat on your plate depending on how much you drip, drizzle, or drop of this fiery goodness. 

Ingredients: Canola oil, ginger, shallots, red pepper flakes, sichuan chili flakes, red pepper powder, toasted sesame seeds, five spice, sugar, bay leaf, salt.

Contains: Sesame.

Keep refrigerated.  Stir well as contents will settle.


♻️ Did you know that most glassware ends up in landfills? We welcome you to return empty chili oil jars (lids, too!) to us at your next pick-up or farmers market visit. For every jar returned, you receive a refund of $1. The returned jars are then sanitized and cleaned for reuse. Thank you for helping to care for the environment!

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