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Two Little Dumplings

A Better World Painted Collection

A Better World Painted Collection

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We are honored to share with you Hsu Min Tzu Studio's (our mother and our two little dumplings' grandmother) debut art collection.  While Hsu Min Tzu always been an artist at heart, her talents have only recently had the opportunity to be exercised to produce paintings of all kinds.  This collection of five acrylic art paintings is titled, "A Better World" and it is her testimony in colors.

We have taken these magnificent paintings and produced them in a boxed set of blank interior fine art cards for your personal use or for gifting.  Each stationery set includes a kraft box holding five folded fine art cards and five kraft envelopes.  The cards are size A2 (4.25" x 5.5" when folded) and printed on premium matte 100 lb. paper.  A description of each painting's story is included on the back of the cards as a way to understand the art and to connect with the artist.

Words from Hsu Min Tzu:

Prior to these pieces, I only used watercolor, markers, Chinese paint brush, and paper to create art.  In the midst of one of my hardest years, I was drawn to acrylic paint and canvas, both of which I had never used before.  When I painted, I felt moved by God and painting was a joint venture we did together.  When I painted, I sought inner peace and a world that could be made well by kindness towards one another.  In turn, my fears were quelled by joy and I experienced healing through creating.  It is my hope that my art would be a vehicle for change and that the stories behind each piece would inspire, encourage, and strengthen those going through hardships of all kinds. 

I dedicate this series to my late father who passed away suddenly in August 2021. Divided by countries, an ocean, and a pandemic, I was unable to be by his side and to take one more walk together. He was a dear friend and mentor that always believed in my dreams. 

The profits from the sale of these cards will be donated to the Capital City Rescue Mission to help provide meals for the homeless during the upcoming holiday season. Thank you in advance for your support!

Photography by Michael Lee 

Words edited by Jeanne Lee 

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