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This set of fine art cards is the first of what her family hopes will be many ways to showcase the creative talents of our mother, Hsu Min Tzu.  Art has become a way for her to interweave her parents’ heritage, personal story, and purpose.  For many years, her life was defined by the work she did to support her family as a first generation immigrant, working endless hours to make ends meet.  It was only recently that she’s had a chance to devote time to care for her own needs - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  She was drawn to art and found a channel that not only allowed her to create beauty from darkness, but also to receive healing through creating.  Like a flower that blooms in the desert, Hsu Min Tzu’s art is all the more glorious because it came from years of struggle and pain.  It is a remarkable sight to see our mother become more fully who she is and it has been a privilege to know her story better through making her artwork known.