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James' Full Story

Growing up at Grace Manor, my parents' family business since 1990, gave me the opportunity to participate in many roles from cooking, cleaning, to landscaping; all to create a comfortable experience for the customers. One of the most rewarding parts of the job was being complimented on the food I would help make alongside my father. After the arduous task of prepping ingredients and cooking refills at breakneck speed for sometimes over 100 guests at a time, knowing our efforts were appreciated would wash away the exhaustion.

As I grew older, graduated college, and started working at corporate jobs, I never felt like my work had any significant meaning. The scope of being a small cog in a giant machine made me feel small and any impact my work on the world would seem distant and illusory. Since starting Two Little Dumplings, I've been able to return to my roots of working directly with and for people. Every time customers return to pick up more of our dumplings, sharing their favorite flavors and rave reviews from their relatives and friends, it brings meaning to the work we do.

Dumplings consist of simple ingredients: protein, vegetables, spices, flour, water. When their contents are mixed together and molded, they form something new and exciting. When shaping each dumpling for optimal taste, I wish to add joy to your collage of experiences through our food.